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Blow Stuff Up!
You would get to pick a weapon, like a machine gun, or rocket launcher, or a tank or something.  Then you would be inserted into a city full of people and destructible buildings and items.  The graphics wouuld be top notch to show the destruction.

 Hunting Exotica
 You  get to hunt exotic animals like pandas and llamas and Polar bears.  You would pick from several weapons, and then where you wanted to go, like China or Alaska or something.  You would get points based on weight and age and stuff. 

Base Battle
You would design a military base with buildings, including a power generator, vehicle production facility, a garage for repairs, barracks, walls and automated defenses. You would then engage in combat with enemy bases online. 

Treasure Hunter
You would start out at your base and would buy supplies for treasure hunting.  You would then get a map and could talk to people for clues.  You would pick where you wanted to hunt for treasure.  You would then get to look and if you found treasure you would get money and could buy more supplies or cosmetic stuff for the base.