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Need some help? You've come to the right place.

Tips and Cheats for Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

At the main menu select Options and then Cheat Codes.  Enter the following to get the effects.

Cheat       Effect
kubmir-Add $1 to Career money  
dfens-AGRO special move
roadtrip-All cities
urbansprawl-Faster Pedestrians
ontheroad-No Damage
Rjnr-Roar Special Move
allin-Zone Special Move

Tips and Cheats for Star Wars Episode III:Rise of the Sith
Select "Settings" from the main menu and then "Codes"
All Bonus stages-NARSHADDAA
All Duel Characters-ZABRAK
All Movies-COMLINK
All powers and moves-JAINA
All Story levels-KORRIBAN
Fast Health and Force Regeneration-BELSAVIS
Infinite Force Energy-KAIBURR
Infinite Health-XUCPHRA

Tips and Cheats for Armed and Dangerous
Go to the cheat codes screen and enter the folowing
All movies-A,Y,A,Y,black,R,A,Y
Invincibility- X,X,X,R,A,L,L,Y
Infinite Ammo-A,L,L,black,B,white,L,L
God Mode-Y,A,B,X,B,A,A,L
Level Skip-Y,white,black,L,A,R,R,Y
Big Heads-L,black,B,white,white,B,black,L